Artificial Intelligence: A New World of Leadership and Innovation

AI is at the top of the list of trends affecting everyone. We are facing many challenging questions but also fantastic opportunities. Beyond the hype and the buzzwords, we can already see a whole new world where everyone suddenly gains access to knowledge that no one has had before. Let AI’s potential become your potential.

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Beyond the hype – What does AI mean for you? Lets clarify what AI is to understand the problems and opportunities that are relevant to you and your industry. AI is a so-called ‘General Purpose Technology,’ which means its development will affect everyone. But some will be impacted sooner than others. Distinguish between what’s important and what’s noise, ensuring you’re at the forefront of this revolution.

Leadership with a digital crystal ball: AI is, among other things, about decision-making. As technology helps us see patterns, data suddenly becomes useful for decision-making. The difference between those who utilize AI’s potential and those who hesitate will become very clear.

Business revolutionized: Utilize AI to optimize business operations. It’s not about technical jargon; it’s about remaining agile and innovative in a constantly moving market, from improving customer experiences to identifying the best supply chains.

A new society: AI is not just a tool; it’s a new world. Whether it’s combating climate change or revolutionizing healthcare, AI can show ways we can’t yet imagine. There are many challenges and potential problems, but the biggest issues arise for those who don’t harness AI’s potential.

Navigate the future landscape with AI as the map: Imagine a world where time-consuming processes are eliminated, and incorrect decisions are immediately visible. AI enables a future where everyone has access to information that no one has ever had before.

A paradigm shift in competition: As AI becomes the norm rather than the exception, the spotlight shifts to the uniquely human – emotions, insights, and creativity. In an AI-driven business landscape, human relationships become the only unique factor and, thus, the decisive success factor.

‘ATTENTION INSIDE (AI)’ – is a guide-to-the-future lecture: Why speculate about the future when it’s so clearly yours to shape? Stefan offers a unique combination of foresight and insight, allowing you to benefit from changes, transform uncertainty into opportunity, and face the future with confidence.

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The value of “real meetings” have increased after the pandemic. However, this also means there is no room for poor meetings (death by Powerpoint), that wastes time and money. In other words, no room for mistakes. This is the main argument for why you should hire a professional speaker. There is no better way to engage an audience than putting them around a bonfire with an engaging speaker.

While not an industry expert, Stefan has more than 20 years of experience working with all different industries worldwide. He will bring new ideas and fresh insights. Check some of the testimonials to hear what former clients say. Stefan has a unique ability to challenge conventional thinking and encourage attendees to approach problems from different angles.

Then a speaker agency might be a good idea. Their role is to act as a matchmaker and coordinator to provide value to both you and the speaker. If you don’t know who to work with, send Stefan an e-mail, he knows them all! 

The cost of a keynote speaker can vary widely based on several factors, such as the speaker’s fame, location, the event’s nature, and the talk’s duration. Stefan Hyttfor’s speaking fee is between €6.000 – €15.000 EUR, depending on location and time away from home.

An external speaker can act as a catalyst for innovation, inspiration, and collaboration, providing tangible benefits that can resonate with attendees and contribute to the overall success of your event. Whether it’s through education, motivation, or entertainment, an external speaker’s unique perspective and expertise can create a more enriching and impactful conference experience.

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