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In a world transformed by technological advancements and behavioral changes from Generation Z and Alpha, boundaries are redefined, and the perception of what constitutes work is changing. The question centers on leadership rather than where employees are located. And it’s not enough to try and keep up; an attractive employer leads the development. With the lecture ‘WORK IS NOT A PLACE,’ Stefan offers a map filled with inspiring examples from our evolving job market. The workplace of the future is about new leadership, not office space.

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Redefining workplace boundaries: The post-pandemic era has sparked a remote work revolution. However, the focus often circles around presence when the change is more of a leadership matter. In this session, Stefan describes the potential of decentralized organizations and the demands on future leaders.

Decoding Generation Z and Alpha: Understand the digital natives shaping our workplaces. They see no clear distinction between digital and “real” and are alarmed when conversations with colleagues reflect resistance to change.

Leadership redefined: Say goodbye to the days when managers were meant to direct and control. Tomorrow’s leaders know that they know less than the specialists they lead. The focus is instead on how the team functions together and the emotions of individuals.

The experience trap: Experience has always been highly valued, and seeking industry experience in recruitment remains the norm. But in times characterized by increasing speed of change, the value of experience diminishes. A culture brave enough to challenge experience is needed.

Lift the lid on future jobs with Stefan Hyttfors’ ‘WORK IS NOT A PLACE.’ This lecture is filled with entertaining reflections, examples from leading companies, and research to inspire those who want to leave the old office behind.

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While not an industry expert, Stefan has more than 20 years of experience working with all different industries worldwide. He will bring new ideas and fresh insights. Check some of the testimonials to hear what former clients say. Stefan has a unique ability to challenge conventional thinking and encourage attendees to approach problems from different angles.

Then a speaker agency might be a good idea. Their role is to act as a matchmaker and coordinator to provide value to both you and the speaker. If you don’t know who to work with, send Stefan an e-mail, he knows them all! 

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As we move forward, those who recognize and act on these potentials will find themselves at the forefront of a more flexible, creative, and rewarding work environment. The challenges are real, but the opportunities are boundless, marking a thrilling era of growth and discovery.

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