Will seven companies rule the world?

magnificent seven artificial intelligence (ai)

We all agree on the problems with the authoritarian surveillance state, but what about the fact that only a handful of private companies rule the rest of the world?

Inflation Isn’t the Problem, Central Banks Are

A small group of influential people have the ability to manipulate money supply (by printing more) and interest rates, which are essentially the cost of borrowing money. On one hand, they encourage people and companies to take on more debt because it’s less expensive. Then, on the other hand, they have the power to increase interest rates to get it all back over time. 

AI Unleashed: Who are first to go?

The impact of AI is vast and varied. Its integration will lead to enhanced efficiency, the creation of new business models, and the potential displacement of certain jobs, necessitating workforce retraining. However, it will also result in the generation of new roles and opportunities in the tech-driven landscape.

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