Deloitte Small Great Nation Podcast (ENG)

Deloitte Small Great Nation Podcast (ENG)

Dare we be optimistic? 

New geopolitical power balances threaten the stability of the old world; sweeping developments in artificial intelligence look set to turn the entire labor market upside down; on top of all that comes a climate problem for which we have not yet found a solution. But according to today’s guest, the futurist Stefan Hyttfors, there is still reason to be optimistic. Hear why in this episode of Small Great Nation, where Anders and Peter, based on the new Small Great Nation report, discuss climate anxiety and technology optimism, the future labor market, and the young generation to whom the future belongs.

Host: Peter Mogensen, director of Kraka and political commentator
Co-host: Anders Dons, Nordic CEO of Deloitte
Guest: Stefan Hyttfors, futurist, author and lecturer

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