Nyheter og inspirasjon

Fremtiden handler om hvordan vi skaper det nye, heller enn å kapitalisere på gamle samfunnsformer og forretningsmodeller for å øke velstand og livskvalitet. Så det er det jeg gjør; jeg studerer trender og prøver å inspirere så mange som mulig til å se nye muligheter.

We went from mainframe computers to desktop to laptop to mobile and wearables. We are now wearing computers on our bodies, thus producing vast amounts of data not only from the outside world but also from the inside. Approximately 90% of all the worlds data was produced in the last two years, and now comes A.I. to make sense of all the data, to find patterns and new knowledge.
Futurist Keynote Speaker Stefan Hyttfors
As we move forward, those who recognize and act on these potentials will find themselves at the forefront of a more flexible, creative, and rewarding work environment. The challenges are real, but the opportunities are boundless, marking a thrilling era of growth and discovery.
To truly understand the illusion of permanence, one must sit silently, letting go of all attachments, all concepts, all desires. In this silence, the vastness of existence reveals itself. One realizes that life and death, creation and destruction, are but two sides of the same coin. There is no beginning or end, only an eternal dance of energies, merging and parting, in a cosmic rhythm.

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