Only old people talk about digital

Futurist Keynote Speaker Stefan Hyttfors

We went from mainframe computers to desktop to laptop to mobile and wearables. We are now wearing computers on our bodies, thus producing vast amounts of data not only from the outside world but also from the inside. Approximately 90% of all the worlds data was produced in the last two years, and now comes A.I. to make sense of all the data, to find patterns and new knowledge.

AI Unleashed: Who are first to go?

The impact of AI is vast and varied. Its integration will lead to enhanced efficiency, the creation of new business models, and the potential displacement of certain jobs, necessitating workforce retraining. However, it will also result in the generation of new roles and opportunities in the tech-driven landscape.

Where will you be in future history books?

By aligning profitability with sustainability, companies can ensure that they are not just earning green but also doing their part in preserving the planet for future generations. The opportunities are vast, diverse, and promising. All it requires is a vision, innovation, and the audacity to embark on ventures that marry profit with purpose.

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